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Propagation of strawberries with a mustache in pots

Buying a large number of young strawberry bushes can be very costly. But novice gardeners should know that garden strawberries can be propagated without problems with the help of a mustache.

Propagation of strawberries with a mustache in glasses can be an interesting task if you have the proper equipment and gardening knowledge. You do not have to be a master gardener to successfully grow strawberries with a mustache in glasses but you will need the right tools for the job.

Strawberries with a mustache in glass

When growing strawberry plants in containers, there are some things you need to know before you get started. First of all, make sure that you get a bigger container than you think you need.

Propagation of strawberries with a mustache in glasses can also be done with dwarf varieties. If you are a beginner at gardening, this will be your best bet for doing a successful propagating project.

Strawberry in container

How to propagate strawberries with a mustache in cups

The scheme is very simple but effective.

  1. During the fruiting of the bushes about the most successful – with large fruits – we put marks.
  2. After the plants have thrown out their mustaches, the first outlet (they are the most powerful and promising in terms of reproduction) we will stir in a glass with soil and gently pin.
  3. The socket will now take root. As long as she is associated with the mother plant, she will receive all the necessary nutrients from her. Other outlets that the bush will give must be removed.
  4. From strong outlets, a “second” mustache sometimes begins to grow. They must be removed.

Strawberry mustache pinned in glass

By this principle, you can get a lot of high-quality and strong seedlings. After the young bush is well rooted and actively grows – it will have new leaves – then the mustache connecting it with the mother plant needs to be cut. After this, the plant can be removed from the cup and planted in a permanent place.

The seedlings grown in this way are strong and take root well due to the formed root system closed by an earthen lump.

What strawberry mustache can I take for breeding?

Strawberry with a mustache

In general, it is better of course to take only a powerful mustache from a proven bush. And for this, after the uterine bush is selected, wait for the next season and:

  • Remove all buds from the selected plant;
  • Further weak mustache must be removed, leaving only a powerful mustache;
  • Root sockets must be immediately after their appearance.

How many mustaches should be left on the strawberries for propagation?

It is best to root one outlet from each bush. But if you need to get more seedlings, then you can root another outlet.

Propagated strawberry in pots

The roots of strawberries can quickly grow so having the biggest container that you can find will give you the best results. If you have the time and the space to plant your strawberry plants in the ground, this is a great way to propagate them without actually transplanting them. This method is also much easier and faster if you have a greenhouse available.

Potted strawberries

Video: Planting strawberry runners, propagating strawberries.

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